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Skaramine's Mad Pimp Joint
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Friday, December 19th, 2008
2:27 pm
Thursday, September 25th, 2008
8:42 pm
An appeal for Oleg Volk

This situation is an abomination, as Oleg developed that forum as a means for law abiding, good natured people to get together and chat.

Unfortunately, Derek Zeanah, one of the many volunteer assistants to Oleg has hijacked ownership of the forum and its webpage.

Please, spread the word.
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
1:34 pm
Mister Wolf.

Interestingly, I had some vivid CSI dreams, with a touch of Green Arrow mixed in.
Friday, September 5th, 2008
10:50 pm
The attributes of the Byronic Hero.
* high level of intelligence and perception
* cunning and ability to adapt
* sophistication and education
* self-criticism and introspection
* mysteriousness, magnetism and charisma
* struggle with integrity
* power of seduction and sexual attraction
* social and sexual dominance
* emotional conflicts, bipolar tendencies, or moodiness
* a distaste for social institutions and norms
* being an exile, an outcast, or an outlaw
* "dark" attributes not normally associated with a hero
* disrespect of rank and privilege
* a troubled past
* cynicism
* arrogance
* self-destructive behaviour

Yup. That's generally the kind of characters I like to write.
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
1:05 pm
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
5:02 pm
Friday, August 15th, 2008
2:04 pm
Some fuckers should take their OWN advice.
Wormtongue wrote this in a follow-up to his blathering, meandering, MEANINGLESS review of Tropic Thunder (fuck, stopped clocks are right twice a day, non?)

Dude, sad thing is that people will protest over anything and everything. What one person finds perfectly acceptable, another finds offensive and thus has to protest or flat out ruin things for everyone.

I had no real idea what people were upset about the movie until I actually saw it, and only knew that it was contriversal (not sure if I spelled that correctly).

Still, my views on the movie have been made obvious, and I did enjoy it. So screw those who protest it.

Grow a sense of humour.


Physician, heal thyself with thy own advice.

Fuck you very much. :)
Thursday, July 24th, 2008
2:41 pm
How Nerdy Are You?
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How Nerdy Are You?
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1:30 pm
Fake Blogging renewed.

Your Vote Score: 51% Republican, 49% Democrat

You are truly an independent voter, and you don't fit well with either party.

Maybe you should choose one issue to vote on - or look into third parties!

Sunday, July 13th, 2008
1:21 am
A meme.

You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

What Tarot Card are You?
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Friday, July 11th, 2008
3:57 pm
It's been a long damn time.
What can I say? Between having someone who claimed to be a friend betray me by siding with a bitter little freak, and getting three novels done well ahead of schedule, not to mention a comic-book miniseries which will be finishing up next month (I got issue #4 this Wednesday), I've been productive.

See, I'm a professional writer.

It's a fun job, but it's a job. I can't sit around on my ass and write movie reviews that no one will ever read nor care about. I can't poison fellow authors (oh wait, Van Deelen isn't a real author) against their publishers. And I don't have much time to spare making blog posts about the living insults that introduce their hate-filled spewage across the internets.

But you know, I got a note dropped to me by someone who is a real friend, and it's been digging at my gut like a methamphetamine powered maggot.

I got demoted to "fan fiction" by the fucklord who wanted me to contribute to his series. And it all germinated from me trying to begin a truce with a 21st Century Wormtongue telling lies into my imaginary friend's ear, because Wormtongue's "fan fiction" was rejected by Gold Eagle because the fucker 1) can't spell, 2) write dialogue that sounds like anything humans would engage in, and 3) is boring as shit, despite being able to convey a story in the most pedestrian of means possible.

Sir Cockhole Face's ire at being passed over while a hard working, consistently producing professional gets invited into the series he wanted to be prince of, came to a head of pure, unadulterated rage.

But hey, if you're on Markellisink.com, you'd know the truth. Oh wait, I'm sorry, unless you're a psychophant of Wormtongue and his deluded Theoden, whose eyes are covered in scales of lies, you can't read the manner of character assassination going on there among the pedantic scumbag and his delusional pawn.

Either way, check out Outlanders.

I feel it's some of my best work to date.

Then again, I just could be tilting at windmills assuming they're dragons.

No. I'm not.

Cockface Van Deelen, liar and provacateur, is full of shit, and it's a wonder anything he fathered actually can breathe.

Current Mood: quixotic
3:47 pm
A little something for Chris Van Deelen.
Chris likes writing reviews.

Here's my response to one of his for the latest Hellboy flick:


You honestly need a blog, like my good friend and erudite, educated professional writer and reviewer Maurice Broaddus.

He's a minister who can find great subtext in any movie, like his review for Golden Army:


Best quote of that review:

Writer Phyllis Tickle once said that "Misfits give texture to life. They also tend, on a routine basis, to challenge the preconceptions that masquerade among us every day as normative behaviors."

Sorry for "running rampant" all over this review, but since you attacked me on Mark's board with zero provocation after deleting a truce mail, it's the only way to encourage you to do something that matters, rather than limp, generic reviews that people click on, and summarily ignore.

Because, you know, I'm such an ogre that giving suggestions to broaden a wannabe's audience and calling for a truce are well worth bannings and unrestrained invectives from a mental deficient who is sofa king we todded that he destroyed his own son's genetic programming with his foul, spite-filled seed.

See, I get sick and tired of bullies who spew their bigotry into the ears of my friends and do everything to, as Jesse Jackson so succinctly said, cut my balls off that these motherfuckers poison my friendships.

I'm willing to bet that Mark Ellis' brain has been damaged by so much proximity to Van Deelen that I honestly would be more surprised if Ellis continued to write for Outlanders. I wonder who the Saruman was who unleashed Chris Van Wormtongue upon noble king Mark Theoden.

* It could be Brad Marshall, angry FBI wannabe agent who committed felony bragging about his Federal Bureau job that he was neither educated enough, nor capable of holding down.

* It could be Nick Pollotta who has it in for Mark Ellis for reasons I could NEVER fathom.

Whomever is the puppetmaster behind the snivelling liar crouched behind Ellis/Theoden's throne, it all boils down to one thing.

Motherfucker done turned disappointment into a dagger and jammed it into my heart, so keep your cockholes shut about me making fun of Van Deelen's genetically damaged progeny. I'm not making fun of them. I'm lamenting that their father couldn't be A MAN to give them a chance to be straight limbed and clear minded. The rot that spewed from between Van Deelen's legs is only symptomatic of the shit at his heart and in his skull.

Current Mood: quixotic
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007
7:58 pm


Charlotte Dating

I do need some firearms, but held back on my knowledge of blowing shit up.
Sunday, November 4th, 2007
1:37 pm
My dating persona.

The Loverboy

Random Gentle Love Master (RGLM)

The Loverboy

FACT:You embody the German principle of Konstantzusammenschaft, which is best described in English (without using the obscure English word "sammenschaft") as "eternal togethermanship".

Well-liked. Well-established. You are The Loverboy. Loverboys thrive in committed, steady relationships—as opposed to, say, Playboys, who want sex without too much attachment.

You've had many relationships and nearly all of them have been successful. You're a nice guy, you know the ropes, and even if you can be a little hasty with decisions, most girls think of you as a total catch. Your hastiness comes off as spontaneity most of the time anyhow, making you especially popular in your circle of friends, too.

You know not to make the typical Loverboy mistake of choosing someone who appreciates your good humor and popularity, but who offers nothing in return. You belong with someone outgoing, independent, and creative. Otherwise, you'll get bored. And then instead of surprising her with flowers or a practical joke, you'll surprise her by leaving.

Your exact male opposite:

The Billy Goat

The Billy Goat

Deliberate Brutal Sex Dreamer

Always avoid: The Nymph (DBSD)

Consider: The Window Shopper (RGLD), The Peach (RGLM)

Link: The Online Dating Persona Test @ OkCupid - free online dating.
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
9:09 pm
9:08 pm
For National Talk Like a Pirate Day...

My pirate name is:

Bloody Davy Kidd

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network
Saturday, September 15th, 2007
1:30 am
Kindergarteners make shitty Presidents
Published on Friday, August 3, 2007 by CommonDreams.org
Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to worry our little heads over politics? Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just turn over control of all those vexing issues, including our health, welfare and very survival, to some nice men in Washington who would take care of all it for us, occasionally interrupting our somnambulance with this week's latest thing - Communists! Terrorists! Lindsay Lohan! - to distract our attention?
Unfortunately, for far too many of us, this is actually precisely what is desired. And don't think Karl Rove doesn't know it.

Politically speaking, we are a radically lazy society. Thinking, let's admit it, is hard work. Many people don't realize that, but then, many people haven't really had the experience. For some folks it's the cognitive equivalent of traveling abroad to a foreign land - done occasionally for a change of pace, if at all. Rigorously exploring and thoughtfully understanding our world is not easy. "Politics ain't beanbag", as the man once said, though he meant it rather differently. Far less demanding to defer to simple stereotypes, canned passion plays and quasi-religious political morality tales than to actually do our homework, apply the logic, and generate original thinking. And hey, if you do take the easy way out, you'll still have plenty of time to catch the game on TV!

Moreover, there are lots of friendly people in Washington who would very much appreciate the opportunity to do your thinking for you. They are called conservatives - though I think regressive is a far more accurate term - and they have been getting lots of practice in recent years. They'll be glad to make your political decisions for you, and even provide you a fully developed, off-the-shelf, ready-to-use reality, any time you like. All you have to do is not think, and not learn. Or, if you really must have the sensory input, simply confine yourself to the infotainment of Fox News or Star magazine. (Though that whole reading thing is to be especially discouraged. Posh Spice is the operative model here. Lots of glamour, lots of money, lots of celebrity, lots of bling. Little substance. She apparently once told an interviewer that she had never read a book - any book - in her entire life. Now that's something, isn't it? You gotta love that. You go, Girl! There may be a Presidential Medal of Freedom waiting for you if you keep on pioneering the way toward Karl Rove's dream citizenry. And why not? Paul Bremer got one, and all he did was destroy a historic civilization of 25 million people.)

We in the progressive community know that not everybody in America thinks the way we do. But we would probably be well served also by a recognition that some people in this country don't want to think at all. It is possible that some of these Borg could be knee-jerk progressives instead of knee-jerk regressives were they somehow to be re-assimilated into the reality-based community, but the odds are not high. So much of progressive thinking requires careful reflection, extended analytical probing, and a collection of just plain data - factual information - about what is going on in the world. So much of regressive 'thinking' fits nicely, and completely, on a bumper sticker.

"Support our troops!", to wit, and quite literally a bumper sticker seen all over the place (though noticeably less ubiquitous than it was in 2003). Literally a bumper sticker, that is, but not so literal in its meaning, especially since the most obvious way to support our troops - right here, right now - would be to pull them out of harm's way, where they sit today for no conscionable purpose whatsoever. Otherwise, short of that, really supporting our troops today would mean screaming and hollering at the top of our lungs to make sure that they get adequate training, armor, and rest before being deployed. While we're at it, we might even ask that they be paid at the same rate as the nearly equivalent numbers of mercenaries fighting alongside them, to the tune of three or four times the soldiers' salary. And if we really, really wanted to support the troops, we'd call for a draft, so that we'd have a massively enlarged military, and each soldier would have far less of a share of the burden to carry. Hmmm - that may be a bit more than our friends with the bumper stickers had in mind. Perhaps that's why they've been seen lately ducking out to the garage in the wee hours of the night to scrape the things off their Hummers.

The fact that the regressive mantra "support the troops" in reality means none of these things is a perfect example of the difference between bumper sticker politics and something much more nuanced and analytical. And real. At the end of the day, the truth is that what this little slogan really means has little to do with the troops at all. What it really means for regressives who employ it is: "I let the president do my thinking for me, and I'd feel a whole lot more comfortable about how utterly lame that is if you would too, so I wouldn't have to be reminded by your nonconformity of how I'm embarrassing myself by abdicating my role in this democracy thing we're always huffing and puffing about, especially the particularly imbecilic creature now occupying the Oval Office to whom I've turned over my brain". That's what "support the troops" really means.

But then it gets worse from there, because it isn't really "the president" to whom our friendly regressive is entrusting his brain, but actually certain kinds of presidents only. Don't think for a minute that Bill Clinton would have gotten this kind of carte blanche from this same crowd. Indeed, we know that he wouldn't have. Because he didn't. His interventions in the Balkans, infinitely more justifiable than the invasion of Iraq, produced only scorn and hostility from many of the same folk who now question the patriotism of anyone who finds the judgement of the current president even remotely dubious. So much for the idea that politics stops at the water's edge, eh? How very mid-twentieth century that notion was. Sorta like the war on poverty, the progressive income tax, the Geneva Protocols, or other equally quaint historical artifacts.

Truly, the entirety of the Iraq debacle - not just the more recent quagmire - can be understood in terms of this kindergarten politics motif. You need a boatload of operative assumptions banging away on all eight cylinders at once to buy, wholesale, into this line of garbage. You need to believe that the story of 9/11 as it's been presented to us is real. You need to believe that America has never acted in the Middle East for purposes of profiting its overclass and at the expense of the welfare and the very lives of the people there who are inconveniently living on top of "our" oil and "our" strategic perches. You need to understand that "they" - Arabs, Muslims, brown people, ragheads, whatever - are all the same, and that the US attacking secular, Shiite-majority, Iraq in response to a crime supposedly perpetrated by rabid, Sunni, Islamofascists who happened to hate the Iraqi regime about as much as they hate us makes perfect sense.

You must forget that an urgent invasion to make us safe from weapons of mass destruction made no sense given the Cold War experience of forty years of deterrence, let alone the near-completion of the weapons inspections that were demonstrating that no such weapons even existed. You must not laugh out loud at the prospect of bringing democracy to the Middle East as a motivation for the war, given the very same administration's complete inaction in the face of genocide in Darfur. You must never question why Iraq should be attacked in response to a terrorist episode perpetrated (even according to the official story) almost entirely by Saudis, and no Iraqis. You have to believe that there are people sitting in bunkers somewhere right this moment, trying to determine where best to hit America in order to inflict maximum damage, and deciding that it's a lot easier to deploy suicide missions in a locked down, massively fortified war zone than, or in addition to, on the streets of Burbank or Baltimore, and therefore that it is a good thing we are fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

In kindergarten, the world is a lot easier to understand if you keep two important ideas in mind. The first is that there are only two kinds of people - good ones and evil ones - you know, just like they teach you in Sunday school, or Lord of the Rings. And, second, your side is always the good people side. Likewise, Mr. Bush and his war are a lot easier to understand if you've never quite graduated from kindergarten, emotionally or analytically. Saddam, you see, was an evil, evil man, and we are the good people who had to heroically vanquish him in order to save his innocent would-be victims. Given this construction, it was obviously crucial in the run-up to the war not to dwell too much on the past history of American relations with Saddam, back when he was, er, a good, evil man.

And, four-and-a-half years down the merry pike, it is equally important to avoid the inconvenient fact that a million Iraqi civilians are now dead, and four million more have become refugees. Especially since that totals out to one-fifth of the country's population, or the equivalent of 60 million Americans. That's equal to the entire populations of Minnesota, Louisiana, Alabama, Colorado, Kentucky, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Connecticut, Mississippi, Kansas, Arkansas, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia, Nebraska, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Montana, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont, and Wyoming. Personally, I wouldn't entirely miss a few of those states (you know who you are, Mississippi, Utah, 'Bama...), but I don't wish any ill on the folks living there. I only wish that they wished the same for the nice people of the Anbar, Najaf, Baghdad, Diyala, Karbala and the other Iraqi provinces.

These inconvenient facts, of course, represent massive cognitive overload for those Americans enrolled in Political Science .001, Civics For Kindergartners. Fortunately, the walking misnomer that goes by the name of the American news media was gracious enough to interject neither complexity nor reality into the comic strip morality play fabricated for our benefit by the good, good men in Washington (Thanks, Dick! Thanks, Karl!). None of us, therefore, had to think too hard if we didn't want to, about the difficult questions lurking only just barely below the war's mythological epic tale, a patina now rapidly melting away like a working girl's eye make-up in a downpour. Many of us continue to this day to resist such painful exercising of the synapses. And one heckuva lot more of us would still be in that latter category now, had the administration's Romper Room expectations for the war's prosecution not gone so badly awry.

In kindergarten teacher knows best, and questioning - even of things you see right before your very eyes - will only earn you a timeout for insolence. If teacher says that massive tax cuts for the rich will trickle down to the rest of us, and will even do so without busting the budget, then it must be so. If teacher says turning over Social Security to Wall Street will make us all better off, then your job is to agree. If teacher says we need not worry about our planet burning up despite the gargantuan pile of accumulated evidence to the contrary, she must be right. If teacher promises to fix that entire city in Louisiana that drowned, then of course she will. And if none of these things appear to your eyes to be true, two, three and four years later, then surely what's needed is for you to visit the nice eye doctor with the funny dials and charts on the wall. For teacher is never wrong. But it is certainly always wrong to even wonder if that might be the case.

This is precisely the sort of mentality about politics that has gotten us into the trouble we're in today. And this kindergarten approach to public affairs is precisely what the American Founders sought to supplant with their blueprint for Enlightenment-style rational, mature, self-determining administration of government. Their dream was that we could graduate from kindergarten to first grade, or maybe even tenth grade, and employ the wisdom that is inherent in most of us and is necessary to sustain self-governance, rather than continuing to rely upon the daddy figures of various kings and sundry deities.

The hopes and aspirations of the Founders, and the risk inherent to their experiment in governance, have been largely vindicated over the centuries since. But sometimes, especially when we're particularly frightened of the loud noises and the bright flashes that go bump in the middle of the night, too many of us still revert back to kindergartner mode.

It must be relaxing not to have to think very hard about difficult and complex issues, but to rely upon bumper sticker politics instead.

It must be comforting to know that the world can be reliably divided into good and evil, and that your side is always good.

It must be reassuring to uncritically delegate decision-making and even value-setting to somebody who talks tough and strides through the world with an impermeable air of confidence.

Yes, relaxation, comfort, and reassurance are all wonderful things, but then so is naptime.

Unless Americans want to (continue to) live in a country ruled by a government of, for and by kindergartners, some of us need to reconsider how we practice our politics.

Giving up graham crackers and milk won't be easy, of course. But then neither is endless war, devastated cities, a destroyed environment or fiscal hemorrhaging.

And, anyway, it's the price we all have to pay for graduating to first grade.

David Michael Green is a professor of political science at Hofstra University in New York. He is delighted to receive readers' reactions to his articles (dmg@regressiveantidote.net), but regrets that time constraints do not always allow him to respond. More of his work can be found at his website, www.regressiveantidote.net.
Thursday, August 16th, 2007
5:11 pm
Mike Wieringo Tribute
On Sunday, we lost a good person, Mike Wieringo, comic book creator.

From Matt Wieringo, his brother on the official page of Mike:
"As mentioned before, in lieu of flowers, if you'd like please send donations to the A.S.P.C.A. (aspca.org) or to the Hero Initiative (heroinitiative.org). I had previously mentioned the CBLDF but, having time to think about it, I realized that the Hero Initiative was more Mike's style. Those wishing to contribute to the CBLDF anyway, please feel free as it's a worthwhile cause as well."

Artwork taken from Mike Wieringo's galleries at Flickr and DeviantArt:




Also, please go visit the Official Page of Mike Wieringo:


Everything else that needs to be said is in the video.

Excuse me, I'm gonna go cry now.

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, June 30th, 2007
9:46 pm
Monday, June 11th, 2007
12:38 am
Protect your rights.
Thanks to Montagraph for saying this.

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